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Enrolments are now open for 2022 as of the 1st October 2021.

Please call the office on (07) 3059 1881 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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We are working with families and teachers to collate and write our own early readers. This is an exciting opportunity for your students to be involved in authoring and photography.

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Why Distance Education?

  • Higher teacher to student ratio
  • Opportunity to enjoy learning together
  • Time for Bible, Prayer & Values
  • Positive, well-supported learning environments
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  • Educational Programs
  • Camp and School Trips
  • School Resources
  • Career Counselling, Vocational and SET Planning
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Message from our Principal

To our Faith CSDE Community.
As your Principal my team and I are fully committed to ensuring that our school both provides a high quality education and range of experience as well as having a unique high level of relationship between our teachers and clearly defined Christian Worldview, Parent Learning Aides and I look forward to continuing the legacy established so strongly by our founding Principal Jason Cadwell as we serve our families together, raising the next generation of Godly leaders.

Yours in Christ,
Graeme Johnston

About Graeme Johnston

Graeme gave his life to Christ at the age of 14 and alongside his wife Lyn, have served many roles in various churches ever since including Sunday School and Boys’ Brigade. He graduated from Griffith University and began teaching in 1989 at Slade School Warick as a Boarding Master. Since then he has taught at four schools, country and city, large and small. The last 22 years he served as Principal at two schools, Southside Christian College and Emerald Christian College. He has started two schools, two childcare centres, looked after Daycare, Kindy, Primary, Secondary, both academic and trade programs and a SAS school. His interests range from debating to outdoor education and students competing in engineering competitions and racing human powered vehicles. Over the years he has been recognised by Associated Christian Schools with a fellowship for service to Christian Education and by Rotary with a Paul Harris fellowship for service to the community. This year marks 30 years running the Duke of Edinburgh award across four schools with many students receiving the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Graeme himself was educated for a short time by distance education while his parents served at a remote mission station “Lapalama” in the Central Highlands of PNG. Distance Education is a unique, specialised and successful form of contemporary education and the future for our school is bright.


Looking for great videos about art, music, or reading? Checkout our uTeach.me channel for more free educational resources!

Latest Graduation Video

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