Faith Christian School of Distance Education Service Agreement  - How can Faith Christian School Serve you?

"Quality Christian Distance Education for Families who want to work in partnership with caring and experienced teachers to help their students reach their God given potential."

From Our Principal

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last 18 years of working in Distance Education, it is the importance of good advice, resources and support. Good advice from someone who has a broad range of experience and has seen the outcomes of various approaches or curriculum products over time. Advice from friends can be helpful but may be narrow, out of date or be based off learning experiences different to your own children's learning needs. I have often met parents who have brought numerous different programs, only to find they did not suit their learners level or needs.

Thus, it is important to pray when seeking advice and looking into Distance or Home Based Education, as not “all roads lead to Rome”. 
Our parents are working with a school that has a heart to serve and work in partnership with parents to get the best for students. This is an empowering success building path that gives the opportunity to experience success and provides courses that will open doors in the future to both Uni and TAFE or work placements.

A common question that I am being asked over the last 3 years is "how long will by student be required to sit at the computer?" I am able to assure parents that our program does not support plugging the children into the computer for online lessons and worksheets all day. We want out students working on paper with pen as much as practical, scribbling down ideas, mind mapping and showing their workings. This allows for parents to be involved with and in the students learning. This allows for teachers to be able to see where students are having trouble - not just that they have got it wrong or right. Even the experts are concerned about the amount of time students are spending on computers per day. I am very concerned by how much time students are distracted from learning when on the computer...

Please read through our list of services below and feel free to give us a call. Remember, we do not spend money on advertising and flash brochures (I think the Principals all go to the same course on this) we do not need to. If you went to find out what a school is really like, look at the newsletters - then you will see what is actually happening...


Jason Caldwell Principal Faith CSDE

Services Offered

Legal Coveragesw063

Faith Christian School of Distance Education is registered in QLD to provide Distance Education and resources for over 1000 Foundation to Year 12 students. Being enrolled in Distance Education ensures access to various Government supports and allowances. It is also good to know that the school you are with is legal and meeting Government requirements and has substance and a future.

Educational Plans

Our Principal, or one of our experienced teachers, work hard to put together a quality personal programs for each of our students/families. This process involves consultation and discussion with parents and working with students during an initial visit. Our experienced Teaching staff will usually visit and build a relationship before looking at a student's work samples. They will hear them read and/or work with them as required to ensure there is a good understanding of the student's learning needs. This helps to insure the set work is at the correct instructional level of the student to ensure they can experience success and make progress.  

Personalised programs utilise a range of Quality Christian world view curriculum or available texts to meet ACARA & the needs of Australian students. We have written and developed our own curriculum for English and several areas. For example, we are able to provide English Creative Writing & Social Studies units for Foundation through to Year 7 and full Secondary and Senior English programs that we have developed for use in the home environment. This curriculum has been very successful.

To support the curriculum and student learning we provide high levels of teacher support in the form of:

Additional Services include:

Enrollment Procedures

We now have limited places available, and pre-enrolments for 2019 are starting to fill already. Interested families need to enquire as soon as practical and have an interview with our Principal. This is usually a telephone interview and is informal but informative - to help us understand your students’ needs, and to ensure you have a clear picture of what is involved. It also gives an opportunity for us to answer specific questions and then if you feel that Faith is the right school for you we suggest pre-enroll.

We have experienced strong growth in enrollments over our seven years of operation. We believe this is due to the quality of the service we offer and as our team has grown so has the resources and programs that we are able to offer. We have not spent funds on advertising as we want to grow because we are providing top service and as a result of God's blessing. 


Family fees for full time enrolment and services are very reasonable, as we believe everyone should have access to quality Christian Education. Contact our Registrar or Principal for details.

Our Vision

Building a large central building to hold a large number of staff is very expensive and of little benefit or relevance to students who live hundreds of kilometres away. Our families are looking for more local resources, home visits, workshops and a support system that works for them, not the other way around.

The most cost effective way to provide this is to have teachers who are based locally, working from local small Church offices. The funds saved in travel costs and building costs can be put back into lowering the Student - Teacher ratio, and provision of learning resources. This decentralized model also keeps the focus on the needs of the students, instead of the operation itself.

out west4It will also allow for an unprecedented percentage (per student) of Government funding to be spent on tangible library resources to support our students’ programs. These resources will be managed with a new cost effective system to streamline traditional processes and turnaround times.

Families also make suggestions for helpful resources to be purchased. From early readers, and instructional videos to chemistry or robotics kits, our staff have the experience to realize the importance of budgeting for learning resources.

Future Growth

As our student enrolments grow, additional teachers are employed. Our goal is to provide local area Resource Centres, staffed by suitably experienced  Christian teachers who embrace the notion of Distance Education. The benefits of this model in service delivery to clientele have become obvious over our first two years of operation. While maintaining a core Teacher to Student ratio of 1 to 45 or better, this decentralised model will ensure teachers are more accessible for “face to face” support.

Our Principal

Jason Caldwell has extensive experience working with Distance Education families and utilising a range of Christian curriculums and suitable secular curriculum. Mr. Caldwell is based in Brisbane but spends significant time travelling Queensland giving support to our Teacher and families, providing home visits and developing new services for families wanting to be more involved in the children’s education.

If you have any further questions or want to find out more about our programs please contact Mr. Caldwell or our Administration on 07 3059 1881.