Faith Christian School of Distance Education

Mission Statement:
"Our Mission is to work with families to help students reach their God given potential."

Our Motto:
"Raising the next generation of Godly leaders..."

Faith Christian School of DE Aims & Objectivesout west1

To provide students with equitable access to quality education that promotes student excellence. To develop confident and creative individuals and successful learners through the implementation of programs and the provision of resources required to cover and implement State and National essential learnings and syllabuses within a Christian World View.

To recognise parental contribution and the privilege we have as a school to guide our families in developing the whole child through teaching support and resource provision. To work in partnership with parents who realise involvement is vital for both Distance Education and Day School for student learning success.

To provide safe, nurturing and well resourced learning environments, both physical and electronic - that are not confined to the four walls of a traditional classroom. Taking advantage of and building strong community partnerships and students who will be active and informed citizens.

To encourage the understanding of the family and home in providing a base and foundation for learning and experiences within school and community learning utilities, the wilderness and wider social contexts.

Picture: Mr. Caldwell travelling out west visiting DE families over a decade ago before there was even funding... 

Philosophy and Values

We value the opportunity to live in relationship with God, accepting the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ to live Christian lives following God's Word –the Bible.

We value the equitable opportunity for students to fulfill their God given potential, developing their gifts and talents through learning academic knowledge and excellence in communication skills, critical reasoning ability and love for others.
sharing work with dadWe value our School Community to enable the students to live full and active lives, encouraging proper standards of fitness, cleanliness and purity.

We value the development of student's responsible, safe and caring behaviour. Teaching leadership and the joy in serving others - through witness, lessons and experience.

We value and endeavour to foster Christian family values and the importance of the strong family relationships and interpersonal skills with others as a basis for happiness and fulfillment to become life long learners and active well informed citizens. These values are in line with the Melbourne declaration on educational goals for young Australians (2008).