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Freedom to study the Bible, pray, and teach moral and spiritual truth
As a Parent, you are able to start the day and include within the day prayer and praise. 
You may also give emphasis to discussion around the Biblical principles that are included within curriculum or add in points of interest that arise from study. When learning about issues that are secular in nature it is good to be able to address things within a Biblical framework. Current affairs, news and entertainment items often come from a secular viewpoints that are self-serving, vain or promoting disrespect or rebellious. While it is good for students to be aware of what is happening around them in the world, it is important for students to understand things from a Biblical and/or positive family based perspective. 

At Faith CSDE we offer a rich diversity of study topics within a Christian Word View, and when a unit or topic may not be right for a student's parents, we will be able to choose an alternative book study or unit, or has a choice on the emphasis given to one aspect over another. Within many schools today, controversial topics such as witchcraft, sex before marriage, violence or related themes are introduced without any consultation with parents. As a DE parent, you will be able to see what your children are learning, and will have the ability to exercise discretion in the themes your children are introduced to within learning material. 

In Science, evolution in schools is often presented unquestioningly as a scientifically proven fact. With the definition of True Science being observable, repeatable and testable, Christians are able to examine evolution as it really is, a theory. There is scope to discuss the theory's major flaws, and present alternative views of Intelligent Design and the many scientific findings that support alternative theories. A classic example of this is where many Schools teach that Fossil Fuels are from plant and animal matter, when Scientists for the last 8 years have known that, so called fossil fuels are actually the product of compressed Hydrocarbons deep within the Earth’s crust. I had this discussion with an award winning State Education Secondary Science Head just two years ago. I told him to check it out within the American Journal of Science.

As a parent, you might also consider how the personal views of a teacher that you entrust your child to, impact on classroom practices, discussions and influence topics of study. A teacher’s views may be at odds with your own. Many teachers would advocate the Bible as a myth, relativity (there is no wrong or right), situation ethics, abortion, the occult, etc., Do teacher’s views permeate classroom discussions or forming attitudes. Are a teacher’s influences amplified for children from families that teach their children to listen and respect the Teacher – as they should?

Most schools endeavour to be impartial but they seldom permit prayer or introduce the presentation of Biblical truth. If a School has Religious Education then it is usually limited to 30 minutes a week and there are clear guidelines and constraints on what the volunteers are allowed to teach.

In Distance Education, parents are free to add in extra lessons that give respect for the Bible and for God, with strong values. Within Faith Christian School DE, Biblical teachings can be freely discussed and integrated within any subject where relevant.