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Positive Teacher Influence
Families who are enrolled with Faith School of Distance Education (as in many Christian schools that still employ teachers with a strong faith in God) can be confident that teachers have a strong faith in God and the Bible, be good role models and view their job as a ministry.

A Teacher's worldview may influence the way in which students are viewed and subsequently treated. If a teacher believes that God created each child special and has a good plan for their lives, this can only be positive. Sometimes families who do not consider themselves to be “Christian” seek out and desire teachers who do believe this Christian caring view point of their child, as opposed to a belief in evolution and “survival of the fittest”. Within challenging pressured classroom environments, a “survival of the fittest” belief leading the class may not ensure positive outcomes for each child.

Learner Centred
Educational programs can be truly learner centred in Distance Education. This is because parents working with our teachers will be able and willing to take on new ideas, and use a range of teaching strategies – including taking extra time on a key concept before moving on. They are free from concerns about the extra work involved when changing set practice and having to cater in place and time for a large mass of students. Instead, with a focus on what’s best for the individual student, parents can greatly assist students to reach their full potential through lessons and more one-to-one attention. 

DE situations give more freedom to explore a wider variety of options and strategies for students. This is in contrast to Day Schools' 'best practice' or 'ideal lessons' which is often determined by workloads and large class sizes, limitations of resources or behaviour management.