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Strong Family Relationship
When children are at school 6-7 hours a day (not counting extra-curricular activities and travel time), then they are onto homework and clubs and parents are busy running taxi service and work, family ties may be weakened, especially if family values are contradicted by other student influences. Spending time together, as a family, is special, and naturally strengthens family bonds. Often families never spend enough time together to have to sort things out and build relationships.
Our families study, work, play, and pray together. Children learn to love and appreciate parents, brothers, and sisters. They enjoy and learn to relate to children of various ages and adults - not just their own age group. Families who join our school often share positive reports regarding the change in relationships and attitudes within just a few weeks or a term.

Through extra-curricular activities, youth groups, clubs and sports our students still enjoy developing relationship skills within constructive situations.

Parents often know and understand their children
Parents have lived with each of their children since birth, and therefore know their personalities, individual strengths and weaknesses well. A classroom teacher may take months to get to know each student well and sometimes a quiet student is never even noticed.