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Better Preparation for Life
Studies have found that Christian home-based learning environments produce students with equal learning outcomes, generally higher behavioural standards and healthier self-concept in comparison to many day school students.
In 2003 Education Queensland completed a large review of Home Schooling and families with Independent Distance Education schools. Their findings, similar to other studies have been very favourable towards home-based learning. As the media has publicised these findings, it is interesting to see public opinion changing and dispelling the myths and misconceptions. Children who are educated at home do not miss out on learning social behaviours. They do, however, often miss out on developing many of the anti-social behaviours that are generated within classrooms of “mono-age” cultures. These classrooms often contain students who are the product of very negative influences of dysfunctional home lives, violent computer games and inappropriate movies and sadly many of the students who are on the “wrong track” have a stronger influence within the class than other students and sometimes they even have greater power that the teacher to control what happens within any given situation.

For many of our parents, their most desired outcome for their children is to develop a "real life" faith in God, while gaining the academic skills and qualifications they require to ensure future opportunities. If this is your goal, you need to ask, “are my children most likely to develop a strong faith if they are placed within an environment consisting almost entirely of people who advocate principles contrary to our own family beliefs?

Children at an impressionable age need the opportunity to form strong foundations upon which they can build their future lives and fulfill their God given destiny.