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Faith Christian School of Distance Education has a heart for missions. We believe that as a Christian School we should be walking our talk and giving our young adults the opportunity to grow in faith while learning to serve and share the good news.

Each year we take a team of 30 to Vanuatu for 10 action-packed and life-changing days. Organisers work very hard to keep the cost to just over $1000 per student, as we believe in "walking our talk" and giving our young adults the opportunity to grow in faith while learning to serve and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We have partnerships with missionaries all around the world. More recently we have started our project in Medan, Sumatra. We have partnered with an orphanage and a bible school. Much quality work is taking place there to enhance the lifes of over 100 children and young adults.

On this page, you will see the exciting work students have been involved in, as well as other missionary work that we support.

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Is God leading you to go on a mission trip? Pray!

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