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Vanuatu Missions Trip 2018

This year the missions team arrived in Vanuatu eager to share their faith and show their kindness to those in need. Almost as soon as the team disembarked at Port Vila they were eagerly preparing the songs and dramatic messages for the local communities and local school children.


This year’s theme we felt God was encouraging us to adopt was “Be kind to those in need’. The role of the mission team was to support the local communities implement support system to help needy children and their local schools.

Some local communities are very isolated and so really appreciated the concerts and kindness freely given by the missions team. It is exciting witnessing our Faith School students wanting to make a difference in the world through serving others less fortunate.

On each trip the mission team focuses on practical as well as spiritual support to the needy people in Vanuatu. For instance, we have installed rainwater collection and tank systems in one of the isolated villages so that the small school located there does not run out of water mid-way through the week. This allowed the local school students to flush toilets every day!

On the trip gifts were liberally and joyously handed out to the children at the local schools, who have very little. We always try and give practical gifts such as soap and face towels for washing.

It was truly humbling to see the students in the mission team grow in their personal walk in the Christian faith.

By encouraging a greater understanding of global missions, serving others selflessly, experiencing global travel and cross-cultural exchanges in food, lifestyle and cultural expression, challenging their comfort zones with outdoor educational and personal activities, the personal confidence of each student grew richly as they rose to each challenge and shared their faith in practical ways.


However, the trip was not all work! Much fun and excitement were had by all. Hiking, snorkelling and games was part of the experience too! The kids on Nguna Island and the missions team had great fun enjoying outdoor games.

Our Vanuatu trips are lifelong treasures. Great friendships are forged, miracles experienced, and personal growth felt by the students as they learn responsibility, leadership, team building and teamwork skills.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.