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Vanuatu Missions Trip 2012

The Vanuatu Missions Trip was so exciting! Report on our School Missions team of 26.
Our students were excellent ambassadors as Christians and for Faith Christian School. On many occasions I was caught up explaining to local leaders or even tourists, who observed our students and asked, "Who are they and why are they working so hard, they all have such a lovely attitude to help the people of Vanuatu."

Local missionaries were even giving high praise for the work the team was doing to make a difference and going out to form relationships where "no other team has gone and stayed before". The poor villages and places where we had to rough it commanded a blessing and just made the trip more real and exciting for the students.

It also goes without saying the trip has had a dramatic life changing effect on the students and adults involved. Learning the value of money to make a difference in the world, giving all you could to someone less fortunate. They worked and prayed together in unity as a team, keeping a positive attitude and making an effort to love one another throughout!

I want to give the students the opportunity to report in greater detail in Term 4. There were just so many amazing testimonies and life changing experiences and things are still on going.

We also enjoyed amazing snorkelling and diving, cliff jumping, cultural lessons and demonstrations, opportunities to learn about food and the different ways of living. It was exciting taking BJ snorkelling as BJ has cerebral palsy and it was great to see the joy on his face seeing the fish and colours. Thanks for Tyler who helped me lift and support BJ in the water. 

Thank you so much to those who prayed and or supported this trip in some way. Our luggage on the way out was so far over the limit due to taking clothes and medical supplies (25 kg), Christian school books and guitars. Four guitars and a charango were given away and each was received with such gratitude.

Please continue to pray for a pastor's daughter that we learned of who has breast cancer at just 22. The students wanted to get her some help as she has no medical options in Vanuatu. So yesterday Vanessa and I spoke with a Director in the hospital system here and straight away have an agreement from a top specialist surgeon to provide free diagnostics and surgery as required if we will pay for the travel and non-medical costs. Please pray that God will open the doors if this is meant to go ahead.  

God certainly opened the doors and we were able to share the love of Jesus in practical and spiritual ways. 

I pray that God will continue to work in our students lives as they realize that the same God that moved through them in Vanuatu wants to use them here Australia.

Just some of the amazing creatures children saw snorkelling.