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Fiji 2009 - 2011

The finished 20m walkwayThe 2008 a team of 22 students and another team in 2010 worked extremely hard also and we were able to complete all planned tasks on our very busy program. The team was successful in completing 20 metres of covered walkway which will help the students stay dry when going to the toilet of between classrooms in the rain. We also worked and served in the Deaf School and Homes of Hope, this was very exciting and I believe our lives as much as the children we wanted to bless. We also shipped over 47 computers and were ablet to install half of them in schools and the homes of hope.

We also provided training for school staff on the new computer equipment, led or supported several youth groups/Kids club type functions - gaining valuable opportunity to share the gospel.

This trip was self funding and I am very proud of students, families and staff who fundraised a total of $28,000 and additional funds for the gifts they bought themselves.

Some of the main items fundraised and gifted include; materials for the covered walkway, 6 computers and laptops which were gifted to the local district school. This school receives $30 in government funding per student per year and did not previously have a single computer.

In 2009 I took a team of students back to the same communities and we took with us 45 computers and the team worked hard to set up computers in  the Homes of Hope, Deaf School and two State Schools.

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Spiritual Growth Blue eyes

During these trips, students were constantly involved in confronting situations that challenged their Christian World view in a positive way. Students were constantly praying together and reflecting on God's Word. They worked well together to share gifts and the good news about Jesus Christ. Many overcame fears and challenges, to speak out publicly or share a testimony, while others snorkeled for the first time or overcome their fear of heights.

Students were constantly stating that they had just had, the most exciting" day or experience "of their life".
Paul the Coral Coast Camp Manager mentioned that we were really doing a lot in 7 days -"way more than usual".
I asked him to let me know if I was tiring him or the camp staff resources out and we could cut back. He replied "no way, this is awesome! This is how a missions trip should be...

I know the team we are working with in Vanuatu are also looking forward to the next visit where there will be similar opportunities. 

Team Work 

The success of these last trip was due to several factors: 
*having sound local support and coordination 
*high expectations and behaviour standards for students 
*having a team of leaders who worked hard and cooperatively together -giving and giving. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with several other wonderful teachers from my previous Distance Ed Schools. These leaders were fantastic. Building and maintained positive and loving relationships with the students.
*Having such a wonderful group of students, each one with their own talents and giftings to serve God. 
*Prayers and God's provision.

Beautiful peopleDuring our devotions on the last trip, I shared with the students, "look to God for all that He has for us in our lives. God wants to use us all, where ever we are, to make a difference for eternity". 
I can honestly say we lived life to the maximum and got the most out of going to Fiji in 2008 and in 2009. I am prayerfully looking forward to Vanuatu. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to share your faith, and have computer skills and are over 15 years of age, you may want to come with us on this next trip.

 I believe things happened in Fiji because we and others were praying and believing with expectation and faith. If we maintain or have this faith and focus we will be used in exciting ways here in Australia also. This is  the Great Commission. 
I am excited to think of the future God has for each of our students and look forward to hearing the exciting stories at the wedding feast, see you there!