Here you will have access to important policies and documentation that underpins Faith Christian School operations and Board processes.


Faith Christian School has an up to date Policies Management System.  These policies are reviewed and ratified on an annual cycle by the School Board.   

School families are welcome to access our policies by request from our school office or access our key policies online. 

These online policies include our Child Protection Policy & Procedures - Please Click here to access...

Below is a list of available policies:

  •  Child Protection Policy
  •  First Aid Policy
  • Flexible Arrangements Policy
  • Faith Christian School Procedures for Dealing with Conflict, Complaints or Concerns
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Faith Christian School Staff Code of Conduct
  • Work Health and Safety Policy
  • Workplace Bullying Policy
  • Student Bullying Policy
  •  Privacy Policy


Review of our 2020 - Our Strategic plan alignment and performance review has been completed in December 2020 by the Board and Management. It was a very informative and encouraging day and we are very pleased and thank God and our hard working staff for the incredible achievements of 2020. Faith CSDE has met or exceeded 85% of our Goals for 2020. Summary documentation will follow soon... 

STRATEGIC PLAN 2021   -has been largely been completed and we are are just awaiting confirmation of an additional building for our planned “Maker Space" -Design and technology centre of the future” before finalising some of the goals. This will be made available in February.