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At Faith Christian School of Distance Education, we are serious about our mission to help students to fulfil their God-given potential. This acknowledges the importance of allowing academic, social and spiritual opportunities to grow and develop. The important keys to this mission are a strong foundation in Christ, family values, and love. These provide a base for students that helps them to achieve success in their learning.

Our Motto supports this fact. It is important for parents and educators to realise that together we are responsible for raising the next generation of Godly leaders.

There are many reasons why families choose Distance Education and enjoy the outcomes associated with:

  • a loving home being the primary environment for learning,
  • a higher adult to student ratio for immediate learning support,
  • a great choice for including values, prayer and Bible study within the school day,
  • enjoying the opportunity to learn with your children.

We view our role as a school of distance education as follows: to ensure students have access to clear programs, teaching support from qualified teachers, and resources to achieve their goals, as well as God's plan for their lives.

Why Faith Christian School and who is CHBE?

At Faith Christian School of Distance Education God has brought together a growing team of over 140 staff and many parent volunteers who give their time to support activities and resource provision. Our staff are locally based and our prayer is that we provide quality learning support and service. 

Enrolments after two years had grown to 430 students and after eight years we have grown to 1500 students. We know that if we continue to give quality service we will not need to spend valuable student learning budgets on advertising or enrolment schemes. We believe that God and the Government have entrusted to us funds to support student learning, progress, and attainment.Singing and Science ourt on the field

An important key to Faith CSDE is the belief that Christian Education should be about giving and serving, just as Jesus lived as the ultimate servant who gave freely. We believe Faith CSDE should be affordable, with teachers and systems that serve students and families and not the other way around.

Faith Christian School of Distance Education is unique in that it has a Board (CHBE Ltd.) that was appointed specifically to meet the needs of Distance Education and is made up of elected DE parents. We believe this will be a key in allowing us to move into new levels of service in the future.  

Faith Christian School was started in 2012 after much prayer and consultation by our founding Principal, Jason Caldwell and many parents who believed in the vision. Mr. Caldwell has been in teaching for over 25 years and has principal experience in both Christian Schools and State Education. 17 years ago he felt called to serve the Christian Distance Education community. During his time in distance education, he has served Lead positions working in three DE schools prior to Faith CSDE. His vision has been to improve the level and quality of support available to Christian families choosing this mode of educational delivery. Many services available today in Qld were initiatives led by Mr. Caldwell. Some of these initiatives include:

  • being the first to lead and offer a range of curriculum products within Independent Distance Education (alternatives to ACE),
  • pioneered local area workshops and regular home visit services (before there was even funding),
  • decentralising to offer locally based teaching staff,
  • leading the development of Christian World View QLD Senior English programs.

Today Faith Christian School DE is a hardworking team of over 140 Staff, a parent-run Board and a school community of over 1500 people. There is a great sense of caring and unity as we sharing vital faith and goals for our children's futures.  

Our Board was named "Christian Home Based Education Ltd", which was a phrase coined by our Principal, 15 years ago. This name was chosen to recognise the importance of Christianity and the Home as the core venue for learning and effective Christian distance education.

"We believe in the development of higher-order thinking skills and deep learning while acknowledging the importance of core learning areas." The Distance Education model that we promote gives students clear directions and opportunities to meet national educational guidelines within a Christian framework and a loving home environment. We utilise a range of educational approaches and curricula, as we recognise the importance of not subscribing to any one school of thought religiously. Instead, Faith CSDE recognises the importance of different learning styles, the importance of success in learning and the importance of our faith in God.

Both Progress and Attainment

Sun set out westMany who have experienced learning difficulty need to have the opportunity to experience learning success by working at their instructional level while bridging towards developmental guides where appropriate. This gives an emphasis on the importance of acknowledging progress and not just attainment.

Our staff are also working hard to develop our own Christian World View curriculum to meet the needs of Australian Students and ACARA. We will not get caught up in selling a product. Christian Distance Education needs to be cautious of products that promote themselves as “God’s way”, when the Bible teaches that “Jesus is the way”. Curricula are simply learning tools devised by people at a time and place in history.

Our Statement of Service

Click here to see the services that we provide to our families.

Last updated: 11th August 2022
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